Designed with an eye towards generating revenue 

The SceneThink platform makes it easier than ever to unlock the advertising dollars across all your digital channels. Advertising opportunities are available with each and every listing, during the write-in and voting stages, which means that these ad placements will be in high demand.

Voting Experience

Inspire voting on any device

A fully responsive and interactive platform provides a beautiful voting experience for your readers on any device. Nominees will love the individual and sharable URLs, which they can use to drive votes to their respective categories.

Ballot Builder

Customize your ballot at lightning speed

SceneThink’s ‘Best Of’ platform supports both a write-in option for the nomination phase and a pre-filled option for final voting. Adding and editing ballot data is easier than ever with the import and merge functionalities.

Check out the video below to see how it works

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Designed and built in collaboration with Blair Barna and the Charleston City Paper.