Event Creation & Promotion
Made Simple

Save time and share your event information across multiple platforms using SceneThink’s convenient tools.

Event Creation

Streamline the Event Creation Process

SceneThink helps you to create beautiful event pages and calendars that inspire attendance to the experiences that you create.

The Only Place You Need to Enter Your Events

The Power of Distribution

Enter your event for free, then choose which local media you want to publish your event. With multiple curation partners in most areas, this makes sharing your event information simple and easy. Need to make an edit? No problem. All of your changes will immediately go live, where ever they are published.

Your Events, Your Brand

SceneThink Powers Your Event Calendar Too

You’re already entering all of your events in SceneThink so they’ll be submitted to your local curator’s event calendar, which puts all of your event information in one place. Now you can use your SceneThink calendar as your website’s event page, eliminating the need for duplicate entries.

Connect With More People

Turn Your Event Data into Beautiful Emails

You can choose to distribute your event information by sharing a direct link, or by sending a branded email to your audience with all of your upcoming events. SceneThink’s integrations with Mailchimp and Constant Contact provide secure and easy delivery to your lists. 

Drive Attendance with Ticket Links

Generate Revenue with Your Promotions

SceneThink has partnered with Eventbrite and SimpleTix to bring you a seamless event promotion experience. Just add your event into either platform mentioned above, then login to SceneThink where you can import all of your event details, including ticket links. View a tutorial on how to synchronize your events.

Seamless Integration

Advanced Customization for a Fully Branded Experience

Custom solutions and pro features are available for users who want to take their promotions to the next level. SceneThink offers custom solutions and deeper website integrations that offer a fully seamless experience. 

We’re Here for You.

We’re always working on adding new features, but if there’s a specific feature that you’d like to see, please let us know!