Drive traffic
and influence visitors

Take back the power of being the local expert by having the most robust community calendar in your area.

Drive Direct Traffic

The vacation rental space is crowded, and showing up above the fold on search pages for ‘vacation rentals’ is challenging against online travel agencies with deep pockets and Google’s Local Pack results.

  • Leverage paid search for events that lead to your website which links to your properties
  • External and internal linking includes search engine optimization and helps in organic rankings
  • Become the local authority, which leads people to seek you out when searching about things to do in your area.

Drive Revenue

The ability to be found will help put heads in beds, but SceneThink offers many ways to drive revenue outside of reservations.

  • Offer featured listings for events
  • Sell advertising with the ability to have many ads running at once
  • Feature partner tours and events for which you have local agreements
  • Add widgets to sections of your site for added value or added income

Create Community Support and Loyalty

SceneThink allows you to easily automate event creation from your fellow businesses’ event pages. By showcasing their events with little to no effort on their part, you gather support and loyalty for your own business.

  • Pull event information from businesses’, Eventbrite, or other event listings page
  • Automatically accept events from trusted businesses when they create their own events
  • Use social media to highlight their inclusion in your calendar
  • Form relationships that will have them leading visitors to your door